A rental property is very often your most valuable asset and for those of you who do own such an asset, I am offering a third way for owners, I provide an alternative that covers the important process of inspection without having to employ a full  property management service and you can be sure of having in your hands, sound information about the state of your property.

This section may or may not be of interest, but if you would like to know why you should trust me with inspecting your valuable rental properties, then this background information may be informative and not too boring.

I have lived all my life in Wellington and spent nearly 35 years of my life as an artist, I painted detailed pictures of buildings and aeroplanes and many portraits, some combining all those elements. In addition to that I was co-founder of the national transgender support organisation Agender NZ (yes I am transgender).

You may ask what any of that has to do with rental property inspections. Please allow me to explain. Firstly, the word above, “detailed”, is the first clue. Painting detailed images gave me an ability to see more than the average person will take in when viewing a scene, a vital skill with inspections.  Secondly, spending many years working with a community organisation was a tremendous learning experience in dealing with sometimes difficult or troubled individuals who needed someone who understood where they were coming from.

Ten years ago the painting muse left me and I drifted into work in the property management industry. After doing a little of everything, I found my niche doing inspections. Whenever I have taken on a role, I always endeavour to do it to the best of my ability, in this case, few staff wanted to do that part of the job but I enjoyed it immensely and always had positive relations with all tenants.  Despite being  the meat in the sandwich between the owner and tenant, It has always been  my belief that one needs the other and you cannot work in this  arena without maintaining an equal balance between both parties, integrity is at all times, everything.

Just as an aside, while working in the industry, I used my own vehicle. When I started,  the Km were around 120,000 when the car died, the Km were only 30,000 Km short of half a million.

In early 2015 I had the idea of providing quality rental property inspections as a stand -alone service. I am not acting as a property manager, I am good at inspections and so that is what I am offering. Those of you who own rental properties know that you should regularly inspect your properties, but the reality is that, often, for a host of reasons it does not always happen. One client I have worked with, was frightened and intimidated by their tenant. There are many other reasons but the reality is that the inspections need to happen to prevent abuse of the property including, in a least desirable scenario, drug contamination and/ or unnecessary damage. In addition, it is always preferable to have a good idea of the general maintenance that may be required to keep the property in a satisfactory state of repair. In terms of bad tenants, the only time I ever had a serious issue other than cleanliness, was when notification was sent of a first inspection, the tenant did a runner because, as the left behind evidence indicated, he was growing dope on a goodly scale and did not want to be discovered. If you are unfortunate enough to have a situation where you end up at a tenancy tribunal you are far more likely to win your case if the issues are documented and photographed, rather than if you rely on verbal opinion only.




Claudia Mckay